About us

MTI Mediterranean tractors international is a regional primary dealer of Caterpillar, a company of the Inveterate AMEN GROUP, one of the oldest and fastest growing groups in Tunisia that holds multiples companies actively contributing to 6 business fields: Agribusiness, Food and Hotels, Banking, Insurance and Health, Equipment Goods Trading, Specialized Financial Services, and Transport Equipment

MTI Founded in 2005, has its roots in PARENIN and is a continuity of its know-how and heritage that goes back to 1920's making of PARENIN the first caterpillar dealer outside the USA in north Africa and the world.

Since it was first established, MTI continues to offer a broad range of CAT products and services to its diversified customers’ base in various industries, including mining, quarrying, construction, oil and gas, and a wide range of power systems solutions.

We provide Generators, Automatic Transfer Switches, Switchgears, UPS, Engines, Caterpillar machines, Spare Parts and our services include on site Services, Commissioning and startup, Preventative and scheduled maintenance, Customer Service Agreements, expertise and advisory and more.

Values mission and vision


We build trust among our customers
with sustainability and reliability


Strengthen our position as partners to our customers
and expand expertise and insight even further


Trust and respect, Dedication, Partnership, Reliability
and responsiveness, Teamwork, Adaptability

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